Saturday, April 11, 2009

Suspend Resume While Running Transmission Bit Torrent Client

I have been very annoyed that I cannot suspend or resume my computer while the Ubuntu default torrent client Transmission is running, so, I found a solution:
- goto your home directory
-select "show hidden files" from the 'View' dropdown menu. (Optionally press crtl-h)
-open the '.config' folder
-open the 'transmission' folder
-open 'settings.json' with gedit
-find the line that says: "allow-hibernation-even-when-torrents-are-active" (it was the first value in my file)
-change the number directly after that statement from 0 to 1
-save the file
-restart transmission!

Thats it...
If you know how to use vim you can just
vim ~/.config/transmission/settings.json
and edit it like that. :)


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