Friday, January 16, 2009

The wise man, a work in progress, please comment

A wise man walks down from the mountains where he had been in meditation; living with close to kin. Upon his return he finds one of the councils where he learned, flourished and consorted to have fallen in ill favor toward him. So he begged an audience from them. He decided not to speak but to listen instead, he asked:

“why have I fallen out of favor?”

“It is the manner in which you act; we find your ways bizarre and different from our own”

“how so?”

“you speak your mind without filter, you are loud, voracious and pursue flesh that is not yours to own”

“i am but a man, may I not be forgiven? I cannot merely explain it as 'my ways', that is a weak argument; for it is not the man that makes the path; rather our choice of paths make ourselves” (said the wise man to his head)

“furthermore” continued another council member “you do not appear bound by our beliefs”

“I am not, it is true. And though I swore never to speak upon them unless spoken too I break my vow for you my friends. The truth we share will always be stronger than our discrepancies. I am not bound by your beliefs, it is true. I will speak more on this if you wish”

“No,” replied another councilor “your thoughtlessness will not cloud our pure waters”

“let him speak” said another

“I chose not to speak I chose to listen”

and so the council was won by many days of listening, emulation and meditation. The wise man did not change his beliefs, but rather allowed the others to change theres through observation of his passive nature.

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